Keep Calm and Vape on!

Stop by and have a taste of the new "Citi Scapes" premium eLiquid. All flavors are available in 0 MG/ML 3 MG/ML and 6 MG/ML 

The flavor of the month is "Las Vegas", loaded up and ready for you to try. Toasted crunchy cereal is heightened by a spoonful of sweet cinnamon and frosty sugar. A hint of savory hazelnut and a whisper of fresh milk make this classic breakfast smooth and delicious. 

We've also got "Denver" with sensuous strawberry currents open fruit-forward Italian lemon liqueur then exhale with a slight touch of cream and Madagascar vanilla. An aromatic note of dragon fruit closes this ultra velvety blend of tropical fruits, candied citruses and naturally creamy vanilla.

Last but certainly not least is "NYC" it's fruity, creamy, sweet and one of a kind, NYC will hook your taste buds. Layers of velvety Bavarian cream blend harmoniously with toasted marshmallows and caramelized brown sugar butter. A slight cereal crunch and the addition of candied fruit creates an artisan blend reminiscent of a lavish breakfast dish.


We are also stocked up on lower MG/ML of all our Cignature eLiquids as well.